Retro toasters

A retro toaster can add some fun and style to your kitchen. It will be a real delight to make toast and bagels in such a classic kitchen appliance.

You do not have to be in limbo about where to get a retro toaster or what to consider when buying such a kitchen appliance. This is because an excellent buying guide and superb advice follows to help you out.

Best Retro Toaster Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

Many of us love a retro flair to our lives, and the kitchen is no different, so your toaster should reflect that fun retro vibe too. Appliances that have to be out on surfaces all the time should add to the aesthetic of a room, so choose a toaster to make youer kitchne beautiful as well as functional.

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The Swan Retro Toaster – a Top Pick

The Swan toaster is a fun toaster because of the real retro design. The one with the polka dots is pleasantly vibrant. This fine quality toaster provides you with browning versatility, as it has six settings. This means that everyone can have their toast and bagels browned to their exact liking.

Some of the best retro style toasters available now:

Thinking about browning your toast and bagels, it is a good idea to get a toaster with extra wide slots. This is to ensure that your toaster will be able to easily accommodate thick slices of bread or bagels. You want to be able to toast all your favorite breads and bagels without them getting stuck.

Truly, the Swan brand of toasters is a great choice. They are reliable, the retro design is classy, and the browning of your toast and bagels will always be exactly perfect.

Consider the Wattage

A nice retro toaster should come with good wattage. It is recommended to consider a toaster with 1600 watts. This will ensure that you have a toaster with good browning capability.

Our retro toaster selection continues here:

Good wattage is important to prolong the life of your toaster; toasters with lower wattage tend to short out and can be dangerous. Getting a good toaster with the right wattage means that you’ll be able to enjoy using your toaster for many years.

Vibrant Colours Bring Cheer

Retro toasters come in more vibrant colors than regular toasters. Mint green is soft and soothing. Polka dots bring a smile. Red is bold and daring. Your toaster can set the mood in your vintage kitchen.

You do not have to play it safe by sticking with just a black, white or chrome toaster. Dare to go for a bright colour. Your toaster will soon become a fun conversation piece when people visit you.

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