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This guide will help you when it is time for you to buy an antique dresser. Only the best quality ones have been selected.

The most common styles of antique dressers are Queen Anne, Chippendale, Victorian and Art Deco. Whether you want to purchase a dresser of these styles or have something a little different in mind, this guide will help you navigate the purchasing process to best meet your stylistic and practical needs. An antique Welsh dresser can bring a lot of character and style into your home.

Best Antique Dresser Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

Let’s look at how to find the perfect antique dresser to suit your individual taste and style. And, how to choose which material to look for before finding the perfect style of a dresser. When choosing an antique dresser, you must consider the desired design, material, age, and condition.

antique dresser

Antique Oak Dresser: Genuine Antique Dresser to Buy Online

Large Victorian Antique oak dressers, in particular, are some of the most sought after since they are made out of hardwood. These dressers usually have three drawers for storing either cutlery, paperwork or other items. They are covered with antique-patina throughout. And also wax-polished.

Consider these beautiful, antique oak dressers:,,,,,

The deep rich colour of these Victorian oak dressers adds to the antique furniture feel. It’s easy to see why so many people choose oak as their material of choice when it comes to antique dressers. The wood is heavy. It means that the item is sturdy and strong.

The Victorian Antique oak dresser is made of a superior wood and it is easy to restore the tone of colour after cleaning. And it makes it a smart choice of a dresser. It also has durability which will appeal to anyone looking for an antique dresser. It will last for years to come maintaining its lustre, class, and elegance.

Pine Traditional Antique Kitchen Dresser

The pine traditional kitchen Welsh dresser has got two doors and two drawers providing ample space for storage. A strong and solid piece of wood with a sturdy base. It comprises of three adjustable shelves and plate grooves offering additional space at the base. It is of moderate height that can easily be accessed on top.

The pine dresser is solid and of good quality with excellent workmanship. There is no need for frequent repairs as it is sturdily made with tightly fit doors. The colour of this wood dresser beautifully complements that of almsot any surroundings. It would make a modern, stylish addition to a kitchen. As, the shelves are deep enough to hold bottles of wine and spirits.

Finding Your Perfect Antique Dresser

As you can see from the links above the right antique dresser can really add some character to your chosen room as well as provide handy storage. It’s just a case of finding the design and material that really makes your antique dresser add that touch of class to your home. Certain styles will feel more at home in certain rooms in your home.

Whether it’s for stylish storage space in the kitchen or an interesting talking point in the living room.. There is an antique dresser out there to suit your needs. All you need to do is choose your preferred style and material. Oak or pine, Art Deco, Queen Anne or Victorian, varnished or painted. Oak is a hardy material. And, you can find oak dressers in a variety of ages and designs. As a superior wood, oak can be restored beautifully if necessary. And, so the oak wood dressers are our top choices for this category.

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