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Particular hairstyles require a number of accessories, usually those from vintage trends that date back 20 to 100 years ago. The market is full of these items covering many uses. For example, some are designed for special occasions e.g. the vintage bridal hair accessories UK, others for everyday wear. For now, we are going to focus on 3 types of vintage hair accessories: hair combs, hair clips, and headbands.

Vintage bridal hair accessories add the kind of sophistication you need on your big day. Here we present to you decorative combs, clips, and headbands in a broad array of styles, materials, sizes, and budgets that will work perfectly for your wedding dress or any other everyday gown. Whatever accessory you desire to glam up your hair, the online outlets have all you need.

vintage hair accessories

Choosing the Best Vintage Hair Accessories: Hair Combs

With too many hair combs online it may not be easy for you to pick the perfect one, especially if it’s for your wedding. But we are here to make sure that you don’t go through a hectic time perusing all sorts of hair combs on the market.

You will love this selection of 3 exquisite designs. Explore them and make a choice

Whether you are wearing an antique lace gown that was handed over by your great-grandparents or a modern mermaid dress, you can tuck the above combs into your updo and flaunt your hair twist. From tiara combs, pearl-studded combs, to nature themes, its easy to choose a style that you will love.

Always consider the colour and style that matches your dress and the rest of your accessories. If you are wearing a blue dress, choose a comb with a hue that matches or contrasts blue. The above elaborate combs will add an interesting touch to a simple dress. IIf you have an elaborate dress design, pick a simpler hair comb design.

High-End Vintage Wedding Hair Accessories: Hair Clips

Different vintage wedding hair accessories UK serve different purposes. Here, you’ll find the top hair clips you can wear to accentuate your beautiful wedding dress. Some hair clips can hold thicker hair masses while others are meant for thinner baby hair strands. From our 3 choices, you’ll find a simple design plus two other ornamental styles.

Depending on your style and fashion, choose the right clip for your hair

The most common types of hair clips are referred to as barrettes. These are basic hair ornaments with a molded plastic that snaps together or a strip of thin metal that bends to form a flat clip. You can use the clips to hold your hair or for embellishment purposes. The small and vibrant barrettes are great for fine hair.

The other type of hair clip is the alligator. It is a pinch clip which grips lightly onto your hair, the same way an alligator mouth grips prey! They are mostly used in salons to hold parts of the hair during styling. If you want, you can have the ornamental alligator clips on your finished hairstyle. The different sizes, designs, and colours are meant for different types of hairstyles.

Vintage Hair Accessories UK: Headbands

Since time immemorial, headbands have been worn by girls and women to add flair to their fashion ensemble. If you thought you couldn’t wear a headband to a formal occasion, wait until you check this cool selection of these accessories on Amazon.

Here are some vintage designs you will want to try.

When shopping for a headband, there are specific features you should look out for. One is a proper fit and the other is quality. Then, you can pick a design that matches your personal style. Don’t forget to select a colour or pattern that creates a coordinated look between your dress and other accessories e.g. shoes and handbag. If you’re going for a 1920s style, a headband is a must.

Vintage Hair Accessories: Final Recommendations for Vintage Style Hair Accessories

There are several hair accessories we haven’t mentioned including tiaras, stretch combs, and elastics. Whichever item you’re looking for, it’s important that you keep it simple. Consider your overall look and ensure that you don’t have too much going on. You want to look elegant rather than catch unnecessary attention. If you are getting married, please don’t overkill your veil with too much accessorising. Choose simplicity and a chic design.

The best thing to do is to let your hair comb, hair clip, or headband choose you. First, stick to your dressing style. If you are wearing an eclectic ensemble, a mixed palette and some crystals will improve your entire look. Just be sure to match everything perfectly.

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