Antique grandfather clocks

An antique grandfather clock, also known as a longcase clock, is a tall, free-standing case with a pendulum held inside the tower. Modern versions of the grandfather clock use modern materials while maintaining the antique feel.

Antique grandfather clocks have been fascinatingly designed, and bring a classy look which most modernistic digital clocks cannot compete with. Available antique grandfather clocks often feature elaborately carved ornamentation on the fascia, which creates a splendid aura. The old grandfather clock has been modified to provide a very welcome and impressive addition to any living room.

antique grandfather clock

The Best Antique Grandfather Clock Picks of 2018: Buying Guide

What makes the best grandfather clock for each prospective buyer depends on various factors, most notably colour specification, age, price and overall style. All these considerations need to be applied by each individual customer, ranked according to personal preference and taste.

London Antique Grandfather Clocks For Sale: A Traditional Pendulum Wall Antique Grandfather Clock

This is one of the very best antique grandfather clocks, made as it is of solid wood with a walnut-colour finish. It has a Westminster chime that strikes every hour, but mutes automatically between 10pm and 6am. It is a modern-style grandfather clock, 47cm in length, rectangular in shape and considerably lower in price than some other grandfather clocks.

Here is the list of the product suggestions found on Amazon:

The splendid, gorgeous and traditional oak finish gives an elegant and refined look to this clock. The impressive pendulum movement is very accurate, and it has a bold and satisfying chime. It is easy to set the time and chime by simply following the set of instructions given in the manual.

The turnaround delivery time is swift and efficient, and the product arrives well-packaged and damage-free. It is worth the price and recommended to anyone in search of a traditional-looking clock. The product is genuine in terms of brand, and looks exactly as it does in the promotional literature.

Deluxe Wooden Pendulum Antique Grandfather Clocks Value For Money

This grandfather clock has a lovely oak finish that will beautifully complement other classic furniture in the household. The pendulum clock is beautifully hand-carved, giving it an antique look which will last for generations to come. The sound will be familiar to anyone – the traditional Westminster chimes to call the time.

Here are a few product suggestions from Amazon

The solid-wood cabinet housing the clock is attractive and sophisticated, and the large numerals on the clock face are clearly visible, even from afar. This clock has a good weight, providing a sturdy base. It is a very accurate time-keeper, only losing about 2 minutes a week, which is not too shabby at all! The Westminster chimes are pleasant on the ear, and the pendulum does not make a noise every second it ticks over.

Simple Valuation Guidelines for Antique Grandfather Clocks

The value of grandfather clocks is, of course, emotional and cultural as well as financial. The age of the clock usually determines its monetary price, and the more antique the clock, the higher the value. The date of production is usually indicated by the markings imprinted by the original manufacturer.

Usually, the more famous and reputable the manufacturer, the higher the cost of their clocks. Clock-makers usually display their symbols, labels or signatures on their creations to maintain their value. The physical appearance of the grandfather clock will determine its estimated value. In this regard, always consider the material used, with oak being the most preferred timber for its anti-woodworm qualities and longevity. You also need to be aware of the mechanical complexity of the clock. It might require a certain amount of expertise to operate, but just check if the pendulum is made of steel or brass, and ask a few questions regarding balance-wheel escarpments and dials.

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