Retro fridge freezers

We’ve searched Amazon and eBay for the best retro fridge freezer UK on the market.

Here are our top picks for the most unique retro fridges for sale. Again, Swan is the leading brand in this list. Retro is just something they do so well. The Swan retro fridge freezer is our favorite, especially for its color. We’ve also picked out the best retro fridge freezer cream color.

retro fridge freezer

Best Retro Fridge Freezer Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

A great fridge freezer by Next is a pretty rare find. The Next fridge freezer is a unique find by an unexpected brand for fridges. The only downside is that it’s really hard to find in new condition and they’re usually available secondhand only.

Bush Retro Fridge Freezer

Same as the Next retro fridge freezer, the Bush retro cream fridge freezer is available on Ebay and mostly in secondhand condition, but this is not necessarily bad. We love its elegant and simple design along with its gorgeous cream color.

Retro Fridge freezers from eBay and Amazon:

Nothing says classic and retro like bold, bright, red kitchen appliances. The Montpellier freestanding fridge freezer has such a gorgeous bright red that we’re sure it will brighten up any dull kitchen. It’s definitely our top pick.

An even more unique choice is another fridge freezer by Montpellier. It’s smaller in size and has a really unique, deep red colour which is hard to find elsewhere.

70’s Retro Style Fridge Freezer

The Gorenje retro fridge freezer is one of our top picks because of their gorgeous colors. We love bright red but deep orange is also a stunning choice, especially if you’re going for a more funky, retro kitchen rather than a 1950’s style type of decor.

If you’re looking for something bolder for your kitchen, check out Gorenje’s stunning orange fridge freezer. We adore its beautiful, deep orange that will brighten up any kitchen. The Swan fridge freezer is similar in colour to the Gorenje fridge freezer but it’s got a deeper orange, and we’ve never seen a similar colour. It’s definitely a top pick.

Servis Retro Fridge Freezer

The Servis fridge freezer is a great choice as a cream fridge freezer. However, although it has good reviews, there are few of them and it doesn’t seem to be the most popular choice by Amazon UK customers.

When looking for a retro fridge freezer, we recommend choosing reliable brands that have a longstanding reputation in the kitchen appliances industry, such as Montpellier and Swan. However, unlike other kitchen appliances, such as microwaves, toasters, and ovens, fridges aren’t as complicated and it’s hard to get a really poor deal on a fridge freezer nowadays. You need to consider the size you need for storage needs, such as the number of shelves. Other than that, it’s really a matter of design, which means that fridge freezer shopping is super fun and creative!

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