Antique door handles

Antique door handles are beautiful and will add class to any home. The handles here are a selection of front door handles and interior handles for wardrobe and cupboard doors. There are also antique and vintage styles to recreate the antique look at a fraction of the cost

Antique door furniture handles are unique and come in many different styles, shapes and materials, such as glass, wood, porcelain or metal. Here we have looked at the best items available to buy online. And, so you can use this for inspiration to find gorgeous pieces for your home.

antique door handles

Best Antique Door Handles Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

You will be presented with a wide array of information about antique door handles. And, things to look for such as colour – black handles are currently very popular. There will also be a discussion about quality and style. We provide only the best, reliable information about antique door handles.

Stunning Black Antique Door handles

Black antique door handles are a highly popular item right now. They are what the fashion designers are raving about these days. In getting some for your own doors.. You will be joining the ranks of the current fashionistas.

You are going to really be impressed with these top picks of black antique door handles:

The white and black dotted porcelain antique door handles will add a lot of drama and richness to the doors of your cabinets. These handles are highly durable. There are black and white striped ones, dotted ones. And, many others containing a variety of different patterns. They add a fun, whimsical touch to your cabinets or drawers.

The traditional black cast iron handles come in different styles. We like these two, which are Tudor and Victorian styles. And, the customer reviews seem to agree. The Tudor style is a simple pull handle, while the Victorian design are lever latch handles.

The Romance of Antique Handles

You can add a touch of romance by incorporating antique door handles into your decor. They will create an air of nostalgia for an era long gone by. It is nice to pamper yourself with these romantic accents in your home. One of the secrets to making your home look good is to pay attention to the details. And, so adding beautiful handles will tie everything together.

These selections are all beautiful ceramic handles for cupboards and drawers, to add a vintage feel to your kitchen or bedroom. There are round styles with painted details. And, handles shaped like pretty little birds or romantic roses. The stag design might suit a modern kitchen needing a vintage twist.. While the delicate roses are especially designed for a child’s bedroom.

Details Make the Home

You have been presented with a decent selection of antique door handles all of which will bring a fancy quality to what was an ordinary space.

Antique door handles are a wonderful and cost-effective way to add some new pizzazz and elegance to your house without having to do an expensive renovation.

Moreover, maybe some antique furniture seemed rather tired and you were considering discarding it. But, a new coat of paint in a different colour and the addition of some wonderful antique handles to an old cabinet or dresser can breathe new life into a piece of furniture. It is also nice to add antique handles to exterior and interior doors to add extra finesse.

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