Antique mantel clocks

For more than two centuries, antique mantel clocks have kept their charm. They’ve been part of household interiors generation after generation, but with the development of technology, people have forgotten about these beautiful-looking timepieces.

Luckily, along with many other vintage things, demand for vintage and antique wooden mantel clocks is bigger than ever! Check out the collection of clocks for all tastes and price preferences

1750s France was the birthplace of the first antique mantelpiece clock, its successors quickly finding homes on shelves and over fireplaces all throughout Europe. Regardless to whether they were constructed of wood or covered in gold. Each one of them was purposefully made to be highly decorative. And, ornate up until just decades ago, when both minimalism and consumerism caused the creation of the first simple, basic black mantle clock.

antique mantel clocks

Best Antique Mantel Clocks Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

Anyone or any household without an antique mantel clock should consider having one. Some are more than a century old and made of all materials. It comes in all shapes and sizes. These beautiful and ornate pieces of history come in a big array of affordable prices. Here are a few samples and factors to guide you.

Beautiful Vintage Mantel Clocks – Antique Mantel Clocks for Your Home

Both beautiful and functional, these vintage mantel clocks are much more than just that. They are little pieces of history that you can now bring into your own home. It allows you to track the present time whilst enjoying something from the past.

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The Westminster chime mantel clock is traditional and sophisticated, with a beautifully crisp finish effect of dark walnut colour. Although the chime is louder at times you can adjust the volume or use the automatic shut off overnight.

The Acctim mantel clock from Towchester Clock Works is another classy, simple design that would look beautiful on a mantel, desk or window sill. The black finish will go with any colour scheme.

Retro Mantel Clock

If you’re looking for more ornate antique mantel clocks for sale, then there are some very intricate and beautiful styles. For example, like the gold version from Hometime. This opulent object would look good in the bedroom, where it would lend an air of antique glamour to the boudoir.;;;

Amazon have a lot of vintage styles for lower prices; for example, the scaled-up version of a Victorian pocket watch is extremely good value. For the real antiques, eBay is the place to look. The three examples linked here may be in a much higher price range. But, they are the genuine article and would make a beautiful addition to any home.

Vintage and Antique Mantel Clocks for Sale UK

Antique mantel clocks UK offers both beautiful and well-preserved vintage and antique mantel clocks, with a high variety of materials and looks. Each clock offered is unique. It’s created traditionally with great attention to detail. If you can’t afford the real deal, there are plenty of retro and vintage-inspired mantel clocks on the market. They all look the part at a fraction of the cost.

Mantel clocks are both beautiful and functional and provide a focal point for a room. The classic and vintage styles are still very popular because these types of clock look good in any room. Even a home with a modern decorative scheme will look charming with a vintage style clock sitting on the shelf. Choose from the products in this guide. Or, use them for inspiration and you will be able to beautifully complete the look of your bedroom or living room. Go back in time, with an elegant antique mantel clock.

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