Antique clocks

Buying antique clocks can be complicated. There are many different types of vintage clocks that it can be hard to know where to start to find something genuine.

When buying an antique clock, it is important to check the movement, casing, and decorative features, such as a vintage clock face, dial size, and much more. Clocks such as these are treated as art work and should be displayed as such. This means that it isn’t just the age and prestige of the clock. But whether the style will work in the surroundings where it is to be placed.

Alarm clocks

When it comes to an old fashioned alarm clock, most tend to be designed along similar lines. The usual design is a large round clock face on two little legs complete with a large bell on top.

However, this is where the similarities end. The size and style of the clock face will vary widely.. With standard numbers or roman numerals being used. Bells can be a single or double bell. And, will have differing sounds for the alarm. All clocks can be wound though from a device found on the back of the clock face.

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Art deco clocks

Art Deco clocks have a huge range in style and price. They can be large grandfather clocks to small bedside clocks. The common factor, however, is the style and the age of the clock. Art Deco clocks were all created in the 1920s and 30s. And, make an excellent addition to any room. There are many unique styles of clocks that include Lalique’s glass clocks, Preiss for a sculptural look, an old clock face, and the geometric clocks of Puiforcat.


If you are looking for an old fashioned clock, you can’t go wrong by considering carriage clocks. These small intricate clocks are powered by a spring. And, they were designed in the 19th Century specifically to be taken on travels with, hence the name.

These clocks are identifiable by their rectangular shape and box casing that is usually gilt or bronze. A strong handle is affixed to the top to allow for easy transport.

Cuckoo clocks

Cuckoo clocks are possibly the most icon of all clocks. Usually ornately carved from wood. These clocks are made to be attached to the wall.

However, the most prominent feature is the little doors at the top of the clock where a spring-wound bird will pop out on each hour. And, coos the required number of hours. Over time, cuckoo clock design became more ornate so it is not always a wooden bird that pops out of the little door.

Retro flip clocks

Retro flip clocks are slightly more modern than some of the other antique clocks mentioned previously. These are run on internal gears and operate a flipping mechanism for the changing times of the clock.

They are made of metal and usually follow a steampunk design. Different clocks flip on different times with some only flipping over every minute. Whilst others have the option to flip on each second as well. Rather demure, these clocks tend to be a simple monochrome.

French clocks

French clocks are most often characterised by their incredibly ornate nature. In recent times, this style has seen a somewhat resurgence with many places deeming them to be a rather retro clock.

Therefore, it is important to be aware that there may be a large number of knock-offs rather than originals available on the market. The style of these clocks can vary widely as it really depends in which era they were created.

Grandfather clock

Another highly recognisable clock is the grandfather clock which always puts the thought of an old clock in one’s head. These tall and majestic creations are usually placed in hallways giving an air of austerity to the surroundings.

Made of wood, they house a long pendulum that swings as part of the clockwork mechanism that keeps the clock keeping time. They are also noteworthy for their sonorous chiming that occurs on the hour with the corresponding number of chimes.

Longcase clocks

Longcase clocks are also known as grandfather clocks. When it comes to antique clocks, this is considered one of the most iconic. These clocks often stand between 6 and 8 feet tall and are one of the most common antique clocks for sale. These clocks are known for their superior time-keeping ability and actually served as time standards for businesses for many years until timekeeping technology improved.

Antique mantel clocks

Mantel clocks come in a huge range of styles. The main feature that clearly denotes a mantel clock though is the size. These clocks are relatively small and are placed above the fireplace. The clock face can contain any style of numbering including Roman numerals and even no numerals depending on what the buyer’s preference is. They also can be made out of a number of different materials including wood and stone.

Wall clocks

Wall clocks are available in an almost limitless range of styles. These are the simplest form of clock and have developed over the years in the way that they run. The only main common feature is the fact that they are simply lightweight clock faces. A number of old clocks for sale all feature these qualities and with so much choice available, it allows people to find the perfect clock.

Which clock to choose

There is a huge range of antique clocks available on the market. The choice is almost endless and will ultimately be dependent on each person’s individual style, taste, and where they wish to place it. When it comes to antique clocks for sale UK dealers have a plethora of options ranging from low budget through to high-end products. However, knowing what you, as the buyer wants, is half the battle.

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