Vintage and antique jewellery ideas

Antique jewellery London has proven to be a major hit in the recent past. While some people choose new ornaments, those who go for provenance display a great sense of taste. Antique jewelry comes in different variety of styles, materials, and gemstones.

The period when the piece of jewelry was made determines its style. They are also popular for the high purity of gold, hence a darker color than its contemporary counterpart. Vintage jewellery has their unique features too, unlike modern ones. Acquiring one for yourself is about provenance and personal taste. The particular era of designs has distinct qualities and value. The following are some of the ideas we propose to you to buy vintage and antique jewelry.

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Vintage Style Earrings

There are some good reasons to choose antique earrings. Antique jewellery UK functions as heirlooms and has a classic beauty. This type of beauty never goes out of style, and a pair will instantly add glamour to any look. The earrings have different shapes and designs.

For a sophisticated look, pearl studs work best, and if you want to make a royal impression, antique pearl studs are surrounded with precious gemstones such as sparkling diamonds or sapphires. eBay antique jewellery offers a wide variety of earrings online for quick purchase. They also provide free delivery and a return policy, enabling you to purchase your preferred piece from the comfort of your home. Buying a good pair of earrings will add an edge to your look and certainly have a head-turning effect.

Engagement Rings

You don’t want to present a clichéd piece of jewellery when you propose. Very few pieces of jewellery are as important as the engagement ring – it needs to be stunning and perfect.

The emotions and feelings attached to the ring deserve a rare jewel that can only be vintage. Vintage costume jewellery has a significant effect on everyone. Cocktail rings are an eye-catching example; they definitely draw the eye to the hand.

Rhinestones are also a perfect choice for a pleasant surprise. Vintage jewellery London offers exceptional pieces ranging from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian, and other unique rings. The rings capture elegance, romance and unsurpassed quality. For a truly unique engagement ring, choose a vintage design and she’s sure to be impressed.

Vintage Cufflinks

Antique jewelry is not just for the ladies. For the gents, we have sophisticated antique cufflinks. Cufflinks are used as decorative fasteners for shirts.

Most antique jewellery is engravable, so make a pair of vintage cufflinks even more special by adding a personalized touch. Vintage style jewellery such as a good pair of cufflinks gives a more masculine look and indisputable class. Vintage cufflinks exude elegance, style, and sophistication.

Make sure the colour of the cufflinks displays your good eye for colour coordination. Good taste is hard to miss. Match them to your outfits and add a hint of flamboyance by adding other sleek accessories. Ensure you have thought of all your wardrobe essentials, and complete the look with some stylish vintage cufflinks.

Choosing Vintage and Antique Pieces

Fashion and style are incomplete without a touch of vintage and antique. These days, some of the strongest and most attractive looks are created by pairing retro jewellery with more modern pieces, and many people are carefully choosing vintage jewellery UK items to add to their collection.

Vintage jewellery can add a statement accent to a plain outfit, making you look effortlessly sophisticated. On this site, you will find a mix of beautiful vintage and retro-inspired jewellery to suit all tastes and budgets. Maybe you are searching for a gift idea, or perhaps looking for that perfect piece to complete an outfit for a special occasion like a wedding. Whatever you need, we can help you find the perfect jewel.

Vintage and Antique Jewellery InspirationVintage and antique style jewellery has a timeless appeal and a classic look that appeals to many. At Steptoes Antiques, we can help you find the best vintage jewellery designs for a stylish finish to your outfit.

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