Antique chest of drawers

An antique chest of drawers is a beautiful piece of furniture to store clothes, documents or keepsakes. We provide the best selections for you.

A wonderful way to show your love for someone is to buy them an antique pine chest of drawers. This is a great gift for those who are getting married or who are having their first child. Everyone needs storage solutions, and antique drawers are the perfect mix of beauty and function.

Best Antique Chest of Drawers Picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

There are many chests of drawers to choose from when you are in the market, but it may seem overwhelming to choose among so many. That is why this helpful guide will simplify the process for you. These selections are top quality, beautifully made and are highly durable.

antique chest of drawers

Antique Chest of Drawers with Antique Drawer Handles

If you want to make your chest of drawers extra special, you can purchase drawer handles separately. Keep the antique theme with the handles, or mix it up by pairing modern fittings with the antique wood. The contrast will make the piece really stand out.

See the top choices of chests of drawers here.

These picks will add rustic charm to any room while providing ample storage space. Choose either a natural wood finish or a painted style, according to your home decor and individual taste.

For a truly classic look, a pine chest of drawers is the answer. This simple but elegant piece can be customised by adding your own handles to make it unique.

Lots of Storage in Antique Drawers

An antique oak chest of drawers is a wonderful way to have both beauty and functionality in your guest room. In fact, many hotels have bought some of these chests of drawers to allow their guests to have storage for their items during extended stays.

Enjoy browsing these fine selections below, which are provided for your convenience.

A chest of drawers is a wonderful addition to your bedside as well. The top surface can be used to place a lamp, and the drawers provide storage for glasses, books, tissues, and other items. This is a good place to keep medication that you may need to access in the night or in the morning as soon as you wake up.

Final Things to Consider About Your Antique Chest of Drawers

When you are considering buying an antique chest of drawers, you should consider if it will go with the style of decor. These pieces of vintage furniture vary in size, so you want consider how much storage you need.

Also, consider your budget, as they do vary in price. We have provided only the top best selections for you, which will work well for a variety of purposes. They can be used in an office to store books and documents. They work wonders in a child’s nursery to store the supplies you need for your baby, such as powder, nappies, clothes and more. These chests of drawers make wonderful gifts that will be appreciated. Pine is a good choice, as it goes with most colour schemes, whereas oak is heavier and more solid. Vintage painted styles are also very attractive. Use our links to get product tips and inspiration.

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