Retro microwaves

The Best Retro Microwave for the Vintage-Loving Home OwnerAt Steptoe’s Antiques, we love anything and everything vintage. If you’re looking to give your home, or specifically, your kitchen that gorgeous vintage touch, a microwave is a great addition.

A microwave is a great way of adding a vintage touch to your kitchen and retro doesn’t mean poor functioning quality.

Retro microwaves

You can purchase some outstanding technology microwaves that combine high quality with great design. The Swan microwave is the perfect example and one of our top picks. It’s practical, stylish, and functional.

Best Retro Microwave picks of 2018 – Buying Guide and Advice

Here’s a list of our top picks for retro microwaves that combine style and design with practicality and top results based on user experience. We particularly love the pastel colours and the up to date technology that’s hidden inside that retro exterior.

Daewoo Retro Microwave

The Daewoo Microwave has a great 70’s look and has 9 gorgeous colors to choose from to match your particular vintage style. Go for a delicate pastel for a 50’s themed kitchen. Or, a bold orange for a 70’s themed, funky kitchen.

Our picks for the best retro microwaves on Amazon UK:

The above microwaves all make a great addition to your retro-themed kitchen. We particularly love the Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards microwaves with their little TV-like design.

They’re also great names in kitchen appliances. So, we know we can expect excellent quality and high-power microwaves, not simply great designs.

Retro Microwave Cream Colours

A cream microwave is a great choice because it will easily match most colors in your kitchen. And, it is a subtle choice if you’re not looking for something that really screams ‘retro’.

Here’s our top cream-coloured retro microwaves on Amazon UK:

The most retro-looking microwave from this list has to be the Efbe-Schott microwave. It looks like an old TV and is completely retro in design. For a smallish microwave, it’s got a 1000 W power and great reviews by customers.

Picking the Best Retro Microwave

If you’re a retro-loving home owner, a retro microwave is the perfect partner for your kitchen. A cream or pastel color is a great choice as well as bright oranges and reds.

Stainless steel, black, and white microwaves are not ideal if you’re going for a retro kitchen. Finally, our top tip is to buy a microwave from a brand that has matching kitchen equipment like kettles and toasters for a complete, coordinated look.

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